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January 1, 2018

Al Franken’s #MeToo-Ish Impending Resignation

We all have nothing but support for the push against sexual harassment. No one would suggest that things can go too far. Though, actually, some think things have with Al Franken, where even front-line accusers are admitting they were too harsh and quick to judgement. Some, but not all. Kirsten Gillibrand, for one, just can't let up, asserting that any accusation of sexual harassment is sufficient to pull the plug on anyone.

Based on the second thoughts in the aftermath of Franken, I think we can imagine things getting out of control. Even the New York Times has suggested the tide of sexual harassment accusations is taking on a partisan tinge, as well as first glimmers of profiteering from ambulance-chasers. What does it mean for things to go too far. What would that look like. Some people might compare it to McCarthyism, though that is such a common label for anything that smacks of an institutionally-sanctioned witch hunt mentality. For some, images might come to mind from Maple Street or the pod people.

We all applaud the efforts to eradicate sexual harassment by any means necessary. To have it brought into the sunlight. To see women finally have their voices heard and to assert power and take action. We all revel in these men being on the receiving end. Thoughtfulness and soberness is necessary in the process, however, lest there be a backlash that scuttles these efforts.

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